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Oramix on TOP 10 Cloud Consulting/Service Companies 2020

Oramix was recognized by the CIO Applications Europe - Cloud Edition, as TOP 10 cloud consulting and services companies in creation, development and strategy and experience improvement on the cloud.

The article "Oramix - Cloud Adoption Made Easy", addresses our perspective and offer for creation and improvement of the cloud strategy and experience for organizations that were already born in this environment and for those that are reluctant to adopt a cloud or hybrid model.

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Pedro Emiliano joins Oramix as Business Manager of Data Center Evolution area

Oramix welcomes Pedro Emiliano! His admission as Business Manager in Data Center Evolution area represents a strong investment in data centers modernization offer, in sub-areas such as virtualization and hyperconvergence, containers, data center automation, smart storage, among others.

In response to the demands such as, big data, IoT, mobility and hybrid architectures, this new area aims to enable our customers an approach to the data center more efficiently, faster delivery, more reliable, safer, better automated and finally, compatible with the cloud offer.

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Office 365 Security Check Up

50% of data breaches in applications occur from taking ownership of the SaaS account.

To help your organization capture more phishing and day zero attacks, prevent information leakage or employee account theft, Check Point CloudGuard SaaS seamlessly and seamlessly integrates with Office365 to mitigate these and other risks.


Check out the functionalities of this solution by starting with a free Security Check Up, takes only a few minutes and give you access to a report with information regarding email attacks, shadow IT, anomalies in login events, etc. 

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We are together again!

Oramix and Whymob joined to bring together employees, colleagues, teams, organizations, customers and partners through a simple, 100% remote, Microsoft Teams implementation approach, integrated with the organization's current resources and positioning it for a more agile digital future.


Enjoy all the benefits.



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Tiago Luís is Oramix' new Cybersecurity Business Developer

Oramix welcomes Tiago Luís!

As companies adapt and move towards a digital horizon, they need to know exactly "How much my information worth? How secure is it? How much can I lose for a downtime or a security incident?".

Tiago Luís' entry as Cybersecurity Business Developer at Oramix, will reinforce our clients' ability to respond when it comes to demanding security of their infrastructures and information.

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By shifting to remote work, what are the increased risks for organisations? What changes in the IT landscape in terms of security?

The remote work (imposed by the personal security measure) put pressure on a model that has always been governed by physical media on the one hand and, on the other, generated a golden opportunity for attackers to conceal constant threats from their collaborators. 

OmixRemoteSecure, is a service that meets the challenges of mobility, in the context of Cybersecurity.

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