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Set 2020

Oramix accredited to access, handle and safeguard information classified as Secret 

We are prepared and certified to provide protection to the most sensitive information, classified up to the "secret" level, of your organisation.

Oramix is accredited by the Portuguese National Security Cabinet (PNSC) in National Industrial Security, in since August 2020, as a proof of the company and its employees' ability and skills to access, protect and safeguard classified material under NATIONAL trademark and SECRET grade.


This accreditation, resultant from an audit of the Oramix control post, meet our customers' needs and requirements and therefore reflects our commitment to handling secret data in "stand-alone" and in Class 1 security classification area, including possibly Class 2 with the appropriate security procedures.

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About Portuguese National Security Cabinet:


"PNSC mission is to guarantee the security of classified information within the national scope and international organisations to which Portugal is a party, and to exercise the function of persons and companies accreditation authority to the access and handling of classified information, as well as the function of accreditation and supervisory authority of entities acting within the scope of the State Electronic Certification System - Public Key Infrastructure (SCEE)".