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Set 2020

The growing adoption of hyperconvergent systems

Interpreting IDC's latest study of the converging computing systems market, the decline in the converging computing business and the growth of hyperconvergent computing could be understood as a statement by the world market, even in times of pandemic, of an emerging need for change.


IDC categorizes the systems into three formats of convergent environments:

  • Reference systems and integrated infrastructure

  • Integrated platforms

  • Hyperconvergent systems

By sequence, the reference systems and integrated infrastructure fell by 13.1% while the integrated platforms fell by 13.8% in homologous period last year. Hyperconvergent systems maintained their growth, although modest at 1.1% for the year 2019.


What explain these numbers?


The decline of reference systems and integrated infrastructures, as well as of integrated platforms, reflect the global needs for IT infrastructures which are almost entirely addressed by hyperconvergent systems.


The need for agile, unified and simplified management environments is inextricably linked to the need to own systems that abstain from the hardware layer, making available an increasing variety of software functionalities, currently present on the offer or available in future versions. This type of systems make provide the capacity of the infrastructures to follow the future trends of the IT market capitalizing the investment made. Also addressed by this type of systems is the simplification of management, making operations increasingly automated, taking customers to the invisible systems, something that is in the public clouds, making the its adoption simplified and being seen as an extension of its data centre. Nevertheless, this approach to invisible systems frees up the burden of recurring management and administration, freeing teams to add value to the companies' core-business, making resources available for the creation of new solutions.


In which case is best applied? What practical benefits will it bring to my organization?

Hyperconvergent environments are perfect for most computer loads on the market. This ability to serve as a basis for a range of heterogeneous loads, has increased the need to hoard the security needs of the loads in their genesis, these environments being able to perform the segmentation of these loads, isolating them and guaranteeing levels of service and availability with an application view.

No doubt hyperconvergence is the new basis for modern data centres, capitalising applications, but its greatest value is its ability to adapt to future needs as more conventional workloads like emerging ones like blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning or container computing.


How can Oramix can help you?

Oramix, as an integrator of excellence, is available to help customers keep up with the demand for data centre optimisation and modernization. In our vision, the agility of the infrastructure is intrinsically linked to the success of the business, satisfying customers who change their consumption profile quickly and where providing services quickly is critical.

Pedro Emiliano, Data Center Evolution Business Manager, Oramix