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Undoubtedly the ex-libris of Oramix service delivery, onSite service model has been the mainstay and most asked for mode of delivering our skills. By acting in an advisory role, our clients can have on-site access to our consultants on a permanent basis, and thus, access the best practices in operation and operation management of our delivered services.



Through the strategic partnership with SkillStep, this solution has two main areas of training: 

  • Project Management Training (certified by PMI), and

  • Data Science Training (Hadoop, R Language, Python, No-SQL, ...).


Thinking of client convenience, our services can take place in the room or via LVC (Live Virtual Class). In this case, the trainees follow the trainer presentation on-line (Webex), with real-time audio and video. The room is virtual, so is not requiring the trainees to move to a Training Room.


Our courses use a theoretical-practical methodology in which the trainees have the opportunity to use the software that is the object of the training, for the execution of practical exercises that consolidate the acquisition of knowledge.


All courses have a standard content (defined by the manufacturers) but can be adapted to the specific needs of each client and/or trainees. For this purpose, we can coordinate the work of lifting the needs and then design the formative contents according to the needs identified.



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The majority of the services we provide on-site are also available in a remotely managed and integrated process, as a complete IT service management operation. Some of our customers, due to remote location issues or due to hourly availability, choose to ask us for this delivery option. The preparation and execution of the service follows ITIL best practices and is fully customized according to the requirements of each client. The objective is to always deliver the best results of operation and service management, monitored and sustained on a set of SLA's defined for each contract.




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Maintaining a constant search for new business models, Oramix has been developing new digital options in its portfolio, offering new services or products as a service (XaaS). Thus we believe that we constantly adapt to the wide diversity of needs that our customers face.



The M3 solution allows automating the daily tasks of a DBA in the optimization and assessment of the data engine health. Also allows leveraging the configuration management database and application maintenance as a catalogue. The solution diagnoses the possible problems, by identifying them before they take place, with the possibility to create tasks and to quickly adapt the databases to the constant needs of a fast pace changing business and new projects. This solution can be easily and rapidly replicated across the customer databases.

ASK WHY - Data Classification by Whymob 

Is an AI solution, based on machine learning technology which enables data classification according to a pre-established classification model. The solution is adaptable to each client specific needs, hence the final model is a result of its previous understanding and maturation.

EFSS - Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing

EFSS is a highly available File Share which allows users to access their data from anywhere, anytime on any device maintaining data integrity and security. It has a web front end and a mobile app for android/ios. Uses Storsimple and Azure as a mechanism to ensure customer data is always available. With ASR there's a DR environment which allows business continuity, and storsimple allows us a fast recovering or a virtual use of customer data.