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Fev 2020

Fortinet and Varonis demonstrate automation and orchestration in network security and data governance and protection

Last February 6th, Oramix together with Fortinet and Varonis brought together different organizations of Porto and region, for a session dedicated to the importance of automation and orchestration in the global visibility and protection of its data and infrastructure.

The solutions presented focus on different components (network and data security) of organizational cybersecurity although with the same goal: ensure a continuous and agile daily security operation by automatizing and orchestrate responses from a single platform that centralizes all the information, but also simplify and being able to respond to events in a shorter time in case of cyberattacks.


Here is a highlight of the event...

Oramix: our services in automations and orchestration context 


Our holistic security approach is based on technology, people and processes and is offered in 5 Funtional Solutions:

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Fortinet Security Fabric

The emergence of new technologies adoption (as cloud, IoT and mobile) is expanding the attack surface, thereby becoming more complex and vulnerable and driving the need for a 3rd Generation of Network Security.


Security Fabric proceeds to network segmentation and integrates different Fortinet's security products in order to centralize, coordinate and respond to the events from any place of the network in one single platform.

Broad - visibility

Integration - AI-drived prevention

Automation - simplifying operations




SD-WAN Fortinet solution offers business application steering, promoting faster access to applications hosted in remote-office, cloud or databases. Provides unified communication services and centralized control of the multiple web traffic sources, as well as cost savings and a better experience.


Centralized data security

Worlds pioneer in centralized data security; governance, compliance, classification, and analysis. Just a single platform provides total visibility and control of data on-premise and cloud.


Varonis allows organizations to maintain a continuous state of security by detecting and responding to cyberattacks.  Through automation, it allows us to analyze and audit all activity and permissions of each file, as well as the user's behaviors. 

Varonis platform provides detailed information and analyses business risks profile, also enables to diagnose and respond to an infinity of problems within 3 uses cases. 




Data protection


Threats detection and response 

Oramix: Delivery Approach

Oramix follows a continuity deliver approach of its partner's solutions, in a way that maximizes your business goals. 

Processes definition and implementation



Automation and orchestration components


Managed Services:

Platforms continuous