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With the shift to teleworking, what are the increased risks for organisations? What changes in the IT landscape in terms of security?

The remote work (imposed by the personal security measure) has put pressure on a model that has always been governed by physical media on the one hand and, on the other, has generated a golden opportunity for attackers to conceal by their employees' constant threats that compromise their private information as well as that of others, since we more often access local copies and online services made available by organizations, outside the corporate network (at first more controlled and protected).


Secure access to our organizations' information systems, from anywhere in the world, is, therefore, more important today as it allows flexibility and faster responses for the business. In this line, it is vital that they have special protection.


OmixRemoteSecure, is a service that responds to the challenges of mobility in the context of cybersecurity.

It consists in three phases:


  • Assessment: assessment of the existing mobility solutions in an organization, intending to survey the remote accesses and measure the state of the Technological Infrastructure, its availability and security.

  • Adoption: implementation of process improvements that respond to the need for safety, with regard to your business and compliance with regulations and best practices. Definition and application of controls defined in the process, through reliable secure technology.

  • Measurement: status of the remote access policy measurement, allowing to validate possible gaps, through the visibility of events and alerts.

Reference price: 15€ per user.


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