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Dec 2018

Oramix is stronger in Security

Oramix created a CyberSecurity division.


Oramix – Expert Services, announced its new CyberSecurity division when Carlos Caldeira and Manuel Mendes joined the company.


The cybersecurity managers collaborated together for several years in the cybersecurity area at Cesce and Tecnidata, reflecting strength in this new division at Oramix.


With high education in Computer Engineering, Carlos Caldeira worked at Cesce as Security Infrastructures and Services division supervisor, gathering functions as pre-sales and team coordination. The new CyberSecurity Business Manager has developed 26 years of career in the IT sector also at other companies such as Rumos.


Manuel Mendes also strengthen Cybersecurity Division by joining Oramix. With 29 years of experience, the new Senior CyberSecurity Manager has developed his career for 10 years at Cesce, 17 years at Tecnidata and 2 years at Burotica.



"The recognized excellence of services provided by Oramix - Expert Services, team competencies, along with our strategic partners that respond to needs such as Data Classification and protection, Perimeter Protection (Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud) and contents, Identity Management and Privileged accounts, Visibility, Automation and Orchestration, are sufficient to face this challenge with strong confidence, motivation and ambition." 




According to Luís Meira, CEO of Oramix, "the experience and expertise of Carlos Caldeira provide a clear strategic definition and differentiation for the market, allowing us to complement and to add value to our customers, adapting cybersecurity to the transformation challenges and digital economy."