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Jun 2020

Oramix on TOP 10 Cloud Consulting/Service Companies 2020

A Oramix was recognized by the CIO Applications Europe - Cloud Edition, as TOP 10 cloud consulting and services companies in creation, development and strategy and experience improvement on the cloud.


The article "Oramix - Cloud Adoption Made Easy", addresses our perspective and offer for creation and improvement of the cloud strategy and experience for organizations that were already born in this environment and for those that are reluctant to adopt a cloud or hybrid model.

In line with the search for greater business performance, we follow the approach of a "natural inclusion of the cloud in the client's solution space" whether its objective is to execute new programs, or to maintain or improve existing solutions, along with the necessary requirements of agility and awareness of change.

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Read the article online:  https://cloud.cioapplicationseurope.com/