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Out 2019

Varonis Introduces its data-focused security solution

Together with Varonis, we provided a presentation and demonstration session of its data protection solution.


Given its integration and visibility features, the different components of the presented solution provide comprehensive data management, control, and analysis within organizations.


In a data-focused approach, organizations can earn a better understanding of their data (which data, when and where it is accessed, by whom and what is the users behave), and thus have better and deeper protection of it.

Varonis and Oramix are cybersecurity partners in the Data Classification offer component.


Contact our consultants to know more about this solution.

About Varonis

Founded in 2005 by Yaki Faitelson and Ohad Korkus, Varonis's mission is to give organizations a greater visibility into their data and to protect their critical information, as well as automate time-consuming tasks and extract valuable insights from organizational data.

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