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How Worten reduced human risk from phishing attacks with less effort

Developing an "in-house" Security Awareness programme may seem more attractive, however, it can have a hidden price.

Worten Portugal's Security and IT team shared their learning in our webinar: despite the quality of the content and campaigns developed in-house, the resources and time spent were not reflected in an effective awareness and learning.

Through the CybeReady platform they concluded that "easily and with a very low effort and a cost that I think is interesting, we were able to have an ability here to reduce human risk in the face of essentially these phishing attacks, that otherwise, it was difficult for us to get there".

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Oramix is Veeam’s Silver Partner

We continue to grow Oramix Data Center Evolution area.


The recent partnership with Veeam, the leader in backup solutions, enables us to offer a more complete service to our customers in the Smart Storage and Cloud Journey domain.


We benefit organisations with a smooth transition and optimisation between on-premise and cloud, with agnostic storage and data management systems that maximize scalability and provides automatic availability, in a continuously and securely way according to business needs.

Download Data Center Evolution presentation



BPI Attacks Phishing With Security Awareness Programme - Security Magazine

"Why banks transition to a fully automated Security Awareness Training?" was the theme of the webinar held by Oramix together with Cybeready, last March 9, 2021.

As a special guest, Mário Fernandes (CISO & Information Security Department Director at BPI), shared his experience with Cybeready's intelligent and automated platform.

The simple setup, the breadth of the program and the reduced IT effort, allowed BPI to improve users' security posture and reduce the risk of phishing.

Read in SecurityMagazine



Oramix and CybeReady announce partnership agreement - Security Magazine

"Oramix and CybeReady have just announced a recently signed partnership agreement to implement and promote the CybeReady platform to companies across the country.

CybeReady's automated training platform combines data science with advanced automation to create a learning experience for employees".

Read in SecurityMagazine


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Oramix in interview to Jornal Económico about the present and future of the ICT sector in Portugal

Paulo Pires, Oramix Board Member, in a conference with other sector leaders to JE editors Talks "Who's Who in ICT in Portugal 2020", of Jornal Económico.

Review Oramix's perspective and positioning regarding the trends and challenges in Public Administration and how we create value to the client through digital transformation.

(min 18:02/38:22)

Watch the vídeo


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Paulo Costa is now Oramix's Oracle Business Developer

We not only welcome professionals who join Oramix but also those who move to a new position!
Welcome, Paulo Costa! With a solid background linked to Oracle technology, he is now Oramix's Oracle Business Developer, responsible and available to answer any challenge that crosses this technological universe.

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welcome to the team_v2_Tiago_Luis_Cybers

Tiago Luís is Oramix's new Cybersecurity Business Developer

Oramix welcomes Tiago Luís!

As companies adopt and move towards a digital horizon, they need to know exactly "How much my information worth? How secure is it? How much can I lose for a downtime or a security incident?".

Tiago Luís' entry as Cybersecurity Business Developer at Oramix, will reinforce our clients' ability to respond when it comes to demanding security of their infrastructures and information.

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By shifting to remote work, what are the increased risks for organisations? What changes in the IT landscape in terms of security?

The remote work (imposed by the personal security measure) put pressure on a model that has always been governed by physical media on the one hand and, on the other, generated a golden opportunity for attackers to conceal constant threats from their collaborators. 

OmixRemoteSecure, is a service that meets the challenges of mobility, in the context of Cybersecurity.

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Fortinet and Varonis demonstrate automation and orchestration in network security and in data governance and protection

Last February 6th, together with Fortinet and Varonis, we brought together organizations and business cybersecurity challenges arisen from Digital Transformation.


Solutions focussed on different components of corporate cybersecurity although with the same goal...read more.


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Varonis presents it data audit and protection solution

Together with Varonis, we provide a presentation and demo session of the Datadvantage solution.


In a data-focused approach, Datadvantage solution provides an easy management

...read more.



Functional Solutions at Cloud Security Summit

“More Secure everywhere” marks the day of insights and networking, which reinforce the fundamental importance of Cyber Security as a pillar in simplifying and protecting the digital transformation path, once...read more.


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Whymob is a Future Builder

We are proud to announce  Whymob partnership with Building the Future: Ativar Portugal - the most important technological event in 2019, power...

read more.


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Oramix is IBM’s Silver Partner

Being an IBM Silver Partner allows us to offer our clients greater flexibility, performance and power of choice through a next-generation hybrid IT and cloud infrastructure, with a more broad IBM solution offering (software, storage systems, Power Systems and Cloud).

The reach of this partnership level with IBM reflects the continuous commitment to the development of the Data Center Evolution area along with our clients, in the areas of High Performance Infrastructure Foundation, Smart Storage, Data Center Automation and Cloud Journey.

Take a look at our portfolio to know all the benefits.


Download Data Center Evolution presentation



Oramix and Varonis hold Webinar on data protection in O365.

The use of MS Teams has exploded in recent times, however, it still presents several challenges in data control and security which may surprise many organisations.

In the webinar "Microsoft Teams Explosion: How to stop data loss" we demonstrated how Varonis enables you to achieve the visibility and control you need to keep your O365 data secure and compliant.

Request a Demo or a free Risk Assessment.

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Oracle Sell Expertise Oracle Cloud Platform

New expertise in "Sell Expertise in Oracle Cloud Platform"


Oramix has achieved a new specialization as Oracle Partner, ensuring the "Sell Expertise" in Oracle Cloud Platform in EMEA - Iberia.

This expertise allows us to continue to offer services of excellence in response to the evolution and follow-up of the market needs, in this specific case, regarding the Oracle Cloud.

Congratulations to our teams for another achievement.



Oramix's most notable project with Oracle technology, at OPEF Portugal FY21

Oramix was present at the Oracle Partner Executive Forum FY21 as a reference partner in technology and systems area.

The project with Fidelidade was presented by Paulo Pires as the most outstanding Oracle project in 2020, by Oramix.


"A project demanding from the point of view of implementation, as well as from the follow-up to the underlying business processes. Of great impact, with improvements of some 1000%".



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The growing adoption of hyperconvergent systems

The latest IDC study of the converging systems market revealed a downturn in the converging composition business and a growth in hyperconvergent composition, across the board.

Why? What does this solution offer in practical terms? How can Oramix help?


Read all about it



Oramix on TOP 10 Cloud Consulting/Service Companies 2020

Oramix was recognized by the CIO Applications Europe - Cloud Edition, as TOP 10 cloud consulting and services companies in creation, development and strategy and experience improvement on the cloud.

The article "Oramix - Cloud Adoption Made Easy", addresses our perspective and offer for creation and improvement of the cloud strategy and experience for organizations that were already born in this environment and for those that are reluctant to adopt a cloud or hybrid model.

Read the full article here.


welcome to the team_v2_Pedro_Emiliano_Da

Pedro Emiliano joins Oramix as Business Manager of Data Center Evolution area

Oramix welcomes Pedro Emiliano! His admission as Business Manager in Data Center Evolution area represents a strong investment in data centers modernization offer, in sub-areas such as virtualization and hyperconvergence, containers, data center automation, smart storage, among others.

In response to the demands such as, big data, IoT, mobility and hybrid architectures, this new area aims to enable our customers an approach to the data center more efficiently, faster delivery, more reliable, safer, better automated and finally, compatible with the cloud offer.

Know about Pedro on LinkedIn


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Automation and orchestration in cybersecurity - eBook version

More than ever, businesses need to be secure and reflect security. As the organizations start to adopt new technologies and connected environments, they have to control the entire IT network as well as all information life cycle in order to be able to anticipate and respond, in an agile way, to daily events and cyberthreats.

With the purpose to turn the cybersecurity global operation simpler and responsive, we gathered in this eBook the insights, platforms and best practices presented in the last cybersecurity event.



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Oramix highlights the importance of automation, orchestration and data

In a world of sophisticated threats and where technologies and infrastructures are each day more complex, automation, orchestration and data governance are becoming increasingly crucial to cybersecurity. It is in this present context, that  in partnership with Fortinet and Varonis, we will discuss cybersecurity next 6th February in Porto.

Read full article on IT Channel.


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Oramix is Kaspersky official Silver Partner

Oramix was distinguished by Kaspersky as Silver Certified Partner.


This certification enables us to resell Kaspersky Lab security products and services. Acquiring this level of partnership reinforces...read more.



Cloud System Award

We were distinguished among Oracle partners in the Cloud Systems category - Engineered Systems OnPremises & Cloud. This award reflects the expertise and ongoing investment in delivering relevant solutions to our customers.


certificacao_Nutanix Cloup Professional

New Certification Nutanix - Cloud Professional Partner

Oramix has achieved the title of Nutanix Cloud Professional Partner.


This certification demonstrates the continuous development in the Data Center Evolution area and proves our expertise to help organizations develop integrated Nutanix solutions in on-premise, cloud and hybrid models.


We congratulate our teams for another achievement.


Download Data Center Evolution presentation


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Open Applications: Cybersecurity Academy 2021.

Apply now!



218 051 772

933 777 099


Cybeready and Oramix Partnership

Oramix and CybeReady announce partnership agreement

We present a new Cybersecurity Awareness Training solution, as part of our cybersecurity offering - User Awareness.


This partnership allows us to respond to the market needs in terms of adopting correct cybersecurity behaviour within their organisations.


The solution makes use of the power of automation and data science to make the training easier, effective and personalized for each employee, with the minimum intervention of IT teams.

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Oramix is official partner of the Cyber Security Conference

C-DAYS 2020

C-DAYS 2020, powered by Portuguese National Cybersecurity Center, will take place in Live Stream during mornings of 23 until 27 November.

Join this landmark and current high relevant event, which discusses all the challenges and knowledge about Cybersecurity


Oramix, as a partner in Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity 360º, is beside our customers and partners in this mission: "Embrace the Future".



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Oramix accredited to access, handle and safeguard information classified as Secret 

Oramix is accredited by Portuguese National Security Cabinet to protect and safeguard classified material under the NATIONAL trademark and SECRET.

This accreditation, resultant from an audit of the Oramix control post, meet our customers' needs and requirements and therefore reflects our commitment to handling secret data in "stand-alone" and in Class 1 security classification area.

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Office 365 Security Check Up

50% of data breaches in applications occur from taking ownership of the SaaS account.

To help your organization capture more phishing and day zero attacks, prevent information leakage or employee account theft, Check Point CloudGuard SaaS seamlessly and seamlessly integrates with Office365 to mitigate these and other risks.


Check out the functionalities of this solution by starting with a free Security Check Up, takes only a few minutes and give you access to a report with information regarding email attacks, shadow IT, anomalies in login events, etc. 

Start SecurityCheckUp free



We are together again!

Oramix and Whymob joined to bring together employees, colleagues, teams, organizations, customers and partners through a simple, 100% remote, Microsoft Teams implementation approach, integrated with the organization's current resources and positioning it for a more agile digital future.

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Automation, orchestration and data governance are key to cybersecurity

"Carlos Caldeira, CyberSecurity Division Manager at Oramix, presented the event, focusing his intervention on the value proposition of Oramix for companies, organizations and public institutions that have a critical component in cybersecurity, not only in terms of business continuity, as with regard to the sensitive character of the data they handle."

Read full article on IT Channel.



Oramix receive Cloud Systems Partner of The Year award

Oracle Partner Executive Forum, which took place on 30 January 2020, aims to reward its partners' projects and successes achieved in the last year. Being Cloud Systems Partner is being recognized for our competence and commitment to the customer. Thank you Oracle Portugal.



Manage new digital offers in visibility and security 

Carlos Caldeira, Manager of Oramix's Cybersecurity division, states that data protection should be a priority, so all contexts where they are used, transported and maintained must be...read more.



Oramix is stronger in security

Oramix, creates a CyberSecurity Division.

We announce our new CyberSecurity Division, with Carlos Caldeira joining to Oramix...

read more.